Advanced concept of flexible machine for new Additive Manufacturing and Subtractive Manufacturing of next generation of complex 3D metal parts

Direct Energy Deposition process

3 kW fiber laser

3D Galvo scanner

Pre and post laser heating

11 Degrees of Freedom

3 DoF on the machine portal

4 DoF on the Head

2 DoF on the Roto-tilt table

2 DoF on the Galvo Scan Head

Redundant deposition head

New concept of nozzle

Efficient usage of carrier gas

High resource efficiency

Innovative vision system

Melt pool monitoring

3D point cloud reconstruction

Thermal analysis

Closed loop control

Laser power control

Flow rate control

Adaptive path planning

Multi material approach

Steel 316L

Titanium alloy Ti6Al4V

Aluminium alloys F357 and AlSi10Mg

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