Prima Power

Project Coordinator

LE – AM machine integrator


Scientific and Technical Coordinator

RTD – designer of machine, robots and mechatronic components


SME – qualification of laser processing performance.

Polytechnic of Turin

RTD – design of new materials for AM and characterization of the laser sources.


RTD – product design.

Fraunhofer ILT

RTD – laser based AM processes.

Prima Electro

LE – provider of mechatronics and NC platform.

Framos Solutions

SME – technology provider of expert vision systems hardware.


SME – technology provider of expert vision systems software platforms.

Globotics Industries

SME – provider of robotic structures and machine components.

OPI Photonics

SME – provider of laser source modules, collimators and other optical components.

DIAD Group

SME – end user in the automotive sector.

GE Avio

LE – end user in the aerospace sector

Sintea Smart

SME – end user in the medtech sector.

Synesis Consortium

SME – providers of automation solutions.


RTD – energy assessment of the AM and ablation processes.

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