Prima Power

Project Coordinator

LE - AM machine integrator

PRIMA POWER is the machinery division of PRIMA INDUSTRIE Group, a worldwide leader in the field of laser machinery for the metal sheet cutting and welding applications in 2D and 3D. With 40 years of experience in the high power lasers and laser machines for industrial applications, today the group has about 1600 employees with different facilities in the world such as Finland, USA, China and a diffused sales and service network is active in more than 80 countries.

The company is specialized in industrial laser systems and sheet metal working machines and it is a leading specialist in the world. Its offering is one of the widest and covers all type of applications: laser processing, punching, shearing, bending, automation. 


Scientific and Technical Coordinator

RTD – designer of machine, robots and mechatronic components

The University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland (Supsi) is one of the 7 UAS in Switzerland. It has a university statute focused on applied research. ISTePS (Institute of Systems and Technologies for Sustainable Production) employs researches and engineers with a wide range of expertise for the transfer and application of technology in industrial sector. 

The Borealis project is supported by the Automation Robotics and Machines (ARM) lab that offers education and research activities focused on integrating advanced industrial technologies for implementing innovative production systems, and on developing high performing control, scheduling and processing applications.


SME – qualification of laser processing performance.

IRIS is a company born in 2012 and located in Italy, in the industrial area of Turin. IRIS owns a strong background in industrial laser, Additive Manufacturing and plasma technology applications, adding value in process optimization/ qualification in order to guarantee best affordable product performances (dimensional, structural reliability, etc.). IRIS is involved in a European and regional network of companies, maintaining an active portfolio of investments in technological innovation.

IRIS is also part of different running European funded projects, related to additive manufacturing and laser techs, with extended partnerships with larger companies. Main fields of activity are the development of environmental applications of plasma technology (2 patent applications pending approval), design of industrial applications of laser technology with a strong focus on metal additive manufacturing and support for innovation and technology transfer to SMEs.

Polytechnic of Turin

RTD – design of new materials for AM and characterization of the laser sources.

Politecnico di Torino, founded in 1906 from the roots of the Technical School for Engineers created in 1859, has a long-standing tradition of leadership of technical culture. It is one of the most important universities in Europe for engineering and architecture studies, strongly committed to collaboration with industry. Politecnico di Torino offers excellence in technology and promotes the ability to carry out theoretical and applied research, and also the capacity to achieve concrete and reliable productive processes or organize services and facilities. The range of studies spans aerospace, environment and land, telecommunications, computer science, energy, mechanics, electronics, chemistry, materials science, automation, industrial design, architecture and building. 


RTD – energy assessment of the AM and ablation processes

The Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems & Automation (LMS) of the University of Patras has been founded in 1994 and is oriented on research and development in cutting edge scientific and technological fields. LMS is involved in a number of research projects funded by the CEU and European industrial partnersSpecifically in the field of Innovative Manufacturing Processes, LMS is active in various aspects including experimentation, process modelling and simulation, process monitoring and control as well as life cycle assessment.In collaboration with European industrial partners, LMS has produced a large number of research results. Especially in the field of Additive Manufacturing, LMS has to demonstrate a significant range of research results and participation in a number of relevant projects since 1997. Focused research has been conducted on the development of process models and simulation tools, ranging from capturing thermal field history and predicting thermo-mechanical behaviour to build time models for a variety of AM processes. Furthermore, coupled (thermal-fluid) models for the investigation of the melt-pool dynamic phenomena have been developed, and several experimental studies have been conducted by LMS. From a digital design perspective, special focus has been given on the investigation of re/designed structural parts considering process’s capabilities and implementing topology optimization algorithms.

Fraunhofer ILT

RTD – laser based AM processes

Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT is worldwide one of the most important development and contract research institutes of its specific field. The activities cover a wide range of areas such as the development of new laser beam sources and components, precise laser based metrology, testing technology and industrial laser processes. This includes laser cutting, caving, drilling, welding and soldering as well as surface treatment, micro processing, rapid manufacturing and subtractive processing strategies such as ultra-short pulse ablation of material. Furthermore, Fraunhofer ILT is engaged in laser plant technology, process control, modelling and simulation as well as in the entire system technology. The activities range from feasibility studies, to process qualification or laser integration in customer specific manufacturing lines. With more than 20 years of experience, Fraunhofer ILT provides a sound basis and plenty of resources to contribute to an advance of laser based equipment for additive manufacturing and ablation processes. The Process Control and System Technology group at Fraunhofer ILT develops and implements solutions for research and industrial manufacturing.


RTD – product design.

TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) is one of the major contract research organizations in Europe, staff of approximately 3000 and an annual turnover of 500 million Euros. TNO functions as an intermediary between basic research organizations and industry. By translating scientific knowledge into practical applications, TNO contributes to the innovation capacity of business and government. TNO is involved in many international projects (about 30% of the market turnover), including EU-funded collaborations. The expertise covers the whole process from basic (material) research, design and engineering to manufacturing and testing of products and systems. The focus is on innovation in the areas of high-tech systems and materials. TNO’s department of Additive Manufacturing (also called AMSYSTEMS Center) focuses on Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes, AM materials and AM equipment.

Prima Electro

LE – provider of mechatronics and NC platform

Founded in 1978, Prima Electronics, now Prima Electro, designs, produces and sales dedicated industrial electronics, Computerized Numerical Control solutions and Laser sources. The headquarter and main R&D and Innovation activities are in: Strada Carignano, 48, 10024 Moncalieri Turin, Italy.Prima Electro is active in the market with three brands: DOTS, OSAI and CONVERGENT.

Prima Electro aims to offer dedicated power and control electronic solutions with the same industrialization level as any industrial commercial product, fast time-to-market, specialized engineering design, professional manufacturing capabilities and after sale services.

Framos Solutions

SME – technology provider of expert vision systems hardware

FRAMOS was founded in 1981 by Mr. Bernd Franz. Since the beginning of the nineties FRAMOS is specialized in image processing and machine vision solutions and partners with the main brands in the imaging sensor and camera sector. FRAMOS distributes imaging components, consults in custom imaging projects and develops, installs and services imaging systems and solutions. Based on more than 30 years of competence in machine vision FRAMOS has now established as a widely-known expert in imaging especially also in 3D image processing. Several different products, systems and solutions are used by FRAMOS customers throughout diverse industries.

FRAMOS R&D is researching and developing new products and technologies on the whole value chain from sensor to system. It has long experience in the use and improvement of 3D image processing technologies, especially in factory automation, logistics and in the medical engineering field.


SME – technology provider of expert vision systems software platforms.

Irida Labs is a leading technology provider of software IPs for Embedded Computer Vision using Machine Learning concepts. The company possesses significant knowledge in analysis, modelling, design and development of high-fidelity reference systems, using state-of-the-art CPU, GPU, FPGA and DSP technologies in the context of heterogeneous computing. Founded in late 2007, Irida Labs is a privately-held company with headquarters in Patras, Greece and worldwide sales support, backed by VC and private investor. Our engineering team is comprised of highly-skilled personnel with MSc/PhD in Computer Vision, guaranteeing the utmost algorithmic effectiveness and efficiency using state-of-the-art methods. Our product and technology portfolio includes embedded vision software for high throughput applications such as video stabilization, low-light enhancement, object detection and recognition using Deep Learning etc., addressing various markets ranging from consumer electronics to mobile devices, automotive and industrial vision. The company is also actively involved in the execution of R&D EU-funded projects, primarily in the ICT domain.

OPI Photonics

SME – provider of laser source modules, collimators and other optical components

OPI Photonics is an innovative SME located in Torino (North-West Italy) specialized in the development of devices and systems for the management of high-power optical beams, at “micro” and “macro” scale. The macro-scale sector – most relevant for the BOREALIS project – includes new devices for combining, coupling, delivery and switching kilowatt laser beams, both for fibre and direct-diode lasers.

OPI flexible technology allows the seamless coexistence of off-the-shelf and dedicated solutions, up to personalized approaches in which OPI accompanies the customers from the design phase, to the realization of prototypes and to volume production. Besides, this unique approach makes OPI also the ideal partner for research projects, both as technology provider and as end user.


SME – end user in the automotive sector

DIGRO (short name for DIAD Group) is a leading company in optimizing customised process and design and testing of advanced materials and components for aerospace and automotive sectors. 

The most advanced materials and processes (like composites based components, light alloys based materials, functionalized surfaces) are continuously customized on demands.DIGRO targeted markets are both large tier1 suppliers, high tech small and medium companies, but also teams.The methods applied are always looking at the security, the environmental aspects and the life cycle engineering approach.

Avio Aero

LE – end user in the aerospace sector

Innovation and expertise at the service of the Aviation Industry

Avio Aero is a GE Aviation business which operates in the design, manufacture and maintenance of civil and military aeronautics components and systems. Today, the company offers innovative technological solutions which allow customers to respond faster to the market’s on-going changes: additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping as well as technologies dedicated to the production of transmissions, turbines and combustors. The headquarters is located in Rivalta di Torino, which is also the largest production plant, while strategic facilities are located also in Brindisi and Pomigliano d’Arco (Naples), for a total amount of 4,200 employees in Italy. Abroad, it has a production plant in Poland.

Through ongoing investments in research and development, and thanks to a consolidated network of contacts and relations with major international universities and research centres, Avio Aero has attained an internationally recognized level of excellence in technology and manufacturing: an achievement borne out by its partnerships with the leading global actors in the aeronautical sector. Avio Aero's challenge is to develop new technologies and applications in order to cut energy consumption, produce lighter aircraft and deliver better performance.

Sintea Smart

SME – end user in the medtech sector

Sintea Smart has strong internal technical capabilities in the fields of

  • Material Science: Materials modelling and characterization; Development of production processes; Coating materials for biological and industrial applications; Materials for nanotechnologies
  • Innovative Technologies: Free-form-fabrication techniques and nanotechnologies; FO sensors for high sensitivity EMI free and galvanically insulated measurements (Bragg Gratings, interferometric, polarimentric sensors).
  • HW and SW Development: Electronics and optoelectronics design, microprocessor units for signal processing, actuators control and user interfacing; Firmware and software development for sensors and actuators integration in complex systems.
  • Sensors and Actuators Integration: Embedment of smart materials for smart structures (FO, PZT, SMA, SMP); 
    Development of Structural Health Monitoring Systems (SHM) and Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) for bio-sensing and industrial applications; Interface analysis for complex integrated structures.

Synesis Consortium

SME – providers of automation solutions

Synesis is an European consortium, resulting from a public-private collaboration, whose main stakeholder are private Italian and German SMEs, and whose public shareholders are Italian and German RTD Institutions, namely the National Research Council of Italy and the German Fraunhofer Gesellschaft. Synesis actively works as an intermediary between the research world and innovation in the industry, offering technology transfer services and direct cooperation opportunities for companies that choose innovation as the key to meet the manufacturing challenges. 

The company acts as key actor for the application and exploitation of the most important European R&D Initiatives, transforming scientific results into high added-value technological solutions through direct cooperation with advanced technology companies. Thanks to its team of experts and its “Sustainable Automation” approach, Synesis is able to provide cutting-edge technological and organizational solutions combining business sense with strong multi-disciplinary innovation and sustainability contents.

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