Trees are important tools in the fight to stave off global warming, because they absorb and store the key greenhouse gas emitted by our cars and power plants, carbon dioxide (CO2), before it has a chance to reach the upper atmosphere where it can help trap heat around the Earth’s surface.

All projects affect the environment somehow and one of the goal of Borealis is to mitigate its environmental impact by minimizing all activities which are known to cause direct or indirect emissions of greenhouse gases. A CO2 emission assessment will be carried out for each activity of the entire project’s life and the whole impact will be compensated by afforestation/reforestation actions so that to achieve a net zero carbon footprint.

The largest percentage of the project’s overall emission can be associated to the consortium meetings which are essential for boosting cooperation between partners and ensure the success of the project but imply the generation of tons of CO2, mostly related to the emissions of the infrastructure (power consumption, heat energy, refrigeration), the journeys of the participants to the event, catering and lodging for the participants, and event-specific materials and waste.

The calculation has been undertaken for each single partner by using the several carbon footprint tools available online, by keeping into account the type of transportation (car, plane, train,…) and the related number of travelers. The estimated emissions related to travels represent an average value for the distance between a given pair of origin and destination airports. The quantification is based on the most recent international statistics on passenger and cargo loads and aircraft type usage.

Apart from project’s meetings and dissemination events, another considerable source of Carbon emissions is represented by the machine construction. In order to evaluate this, Bill of Materials (BOM) of the whole machine and auxiliaries has been considered and calculated.

Final calculation shows , summing up all terms,  a total emissions for the 36 months of the projects of more than 160 tons of CO2.


Thanks to IRIS contribution, in the municipality of Turin and Beinasco, more than 6500 young trees have been planted



Thanks to Avio Aero contribution, in the municipality of Brindisi, in Puglia, more than 50 adult trees have been planted

With this compensation actions, 100% of the CO2 produced during the Borealis project will be compensated considering the medium life of a tree

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